Pronounciation of "X" in the beginning (10)

Filippo Nieddu <> wrote in message
> Let's make a deal: in Italy we will try to pronounce correctly
> "hamburger" (using your phonetic symbols it is something like
> "umboorger" with the "e" pronounced as in "bet"), and in change you
> Americans will try to say the two "t" in "spaghetti" (normally
> pronounced "sp-ghedi" with the "e" pronounced like before).
> Filippo Nieddu

The deal is not worth making. Hamburgers and spaghetti are
popular enough to deserve different versions of pronunciation,
adjusted to particular national phonetics.

The fact that, say, Paris ("should-be" "paree") or Moscow 
("moskva") have English and other versions of their names that 
differ from the originals is evidence of significance of the 
cities, which went beyond their national boundaries, not of 
anything like neglect or a lack of consideration.

Dmitry Sheinin