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> Musca Volitans wrote in message ...
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> >It should be noted that this universal principle (;-) is routinely
> >violated by American television reporters who pronounce
> >every Spanish name with the great rhotaic and guttural flourish
> >derived from their two years of high-school Spanish
> I live in San Francisco and noticed this strange pronunciation of Spanish
> personal and place name on television thrust into the middle of English
> sentences.  I thought it might be an attempt to show a concern for
> sensibilities - still it seemed patronizing.  Otherwise these same
> announcers should pronounce Paris and France as they are pronounced in
> and France out of respect for Gallic sensibilities.

I agree that it seems patronizing.   It is one thing if the reporter is of
Hispanic descent and pronounces his own name that way -- he has the right to
be correct if incomprehensible as regards his own name -- but quite another
when he is merely trying to grandstand.   The same reporter will pronounce
"Vladimir Putin" as "Vladduhmer Pootin" (rhyming with "you're darn tootin").
BTW, I do notice that these Hispanophiles are clueless about the proper
native pronunciation of "Cuba" (in journalese, Kyoobuh or even Kyoober).
That Spanish intervocalic "b" flummoxes them every time.     ;-)

Musca Volitans