Pronounciation of "X" in the beginning (9)

Kevin O'Donnell wrote:
> Musca Volitans wrote in message ...
> >
> >It should be noted that this universal principle (;-) is routinely
> >violated by American television reporters who pronounce
> >every Spanish name with the great rhotaic and guttural flourish
> >derived from their two years of high-school Spanish
> I live in San Francisco and noticed this strange pronunciation of Spanish
> personal and place name on television thrust into the middle of English
> sentences.  I thought it might be an attempt to show a concern for Hispanic
> sensibilities - still it seemed patronizing.  Otherwise these same
> announcers should pronounce Paris and France as they are pronounced in Paris
> and France out of respect for Gallic sensibilities.
> Kevin O'Donnell

Let's make a deal: in Italy we will try to pronounce correctly
"hamburger" (using your phonetic symbols it is something like
"umboorger" with the "e" pronounced as in "bet"), and in change you
Americans will try to say the two "t" in "spaghetti" (normally
pronounced "sp-ghedi" with the "e" pronounced like before).

Sorry for the OT (but what is really "OT"?) and respects
Filippo Nieddu