Cleopatra's Sign

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000, c.a. creider wrote:

> Dear Mr. Geovanis,
> Would you be so kind as to post a note to this newsgroup if an image
> of the fragment is ever posted on the Internet?  Thanks,  Chet Creider

Your lucky day.

It wasn't clear from the news article whether "B.Z." was the Berliner
Zeitung or the Bild-Zeitung (although the subject matter might be a
little "highbrow" for the Bild-Zeitung :-). In any case, I found
nothing on the subject at either of their websites. BUT...Die Welt came
through with a couple of good articles dated October 24 (still
tommorrow in my time zone) at

and the following link to a JPEG image of the fragment:

According to the director of the Berlin Aegyptisches Museum where the roll
was found after 100 years, he has 50000 papyrus rolls in the vaults, and 
"In unserem Museum lagern hunderte unentdeckte Sensationen".
"Our museum holds hundreds of undiscovered sensations"

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