About Teubner

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> Does anyone know if there is a website for Teubner
> Greek and Latin texts?

This is a very good question. 

The webpage <www.teubner.de> has the following announcement:

          Wichtige Information

    Der K.G. Saur Verlag in Munchen und Leipzig hat vom B.G. Teubner Verlag den
    gesamten Bereich der Altertumswissenschaft - Geisteswissenschaft 
    ubernommen. Der Verlag wird diesen Bereich komplett weiterfuhren und 
    ausbauen. Bitte beachten Sie, das Titel aus diesem Bereich nicht
    mehr uber unseren Bookshop recherchierbar sind. Fur mehr Infos wenden 
    Sie sich bitte an die E-Mail  customerservice_saur@csi.com.   

At another point, it suggests getting information on its own books from


Thus it seems that the giant publishing firm of Bertelsmann has bought
Teubner and dropped classics from their publications, transferring the
rights for that to K. G. Saur Verlag.

Consulting <www.saur.de>, we find it says that

     K.G. Saur Publishing is part of Reed Elsevier, with approximately 
     1,900 title - books, journals, microforms, CD-ROM editions and 
     online databases.
It is not clear to me what Saur (which as yet seems to make no
mention of classics, and which belongs to another giant publishing firm) 
intends to keep available.  I have the unfortunate suspicion that they 
will drop all print versions and keep only the CD-ROM collected texts 
that Teubner has been developing in the last few years.

Does anyone else have more detailed information?

William C. Waterhouse
Penn State