Opera - バナー集

更新日 2009.Jan.14

これらの Opera に関する画像は、昔を懐かしむために収集し置いてあるものです。Opera を愛用される方がご自身のサイトで使う際には、その時点で公式に配布されているバナーをお使いください。


Opera's Release date of each version.

Opera Fun's Opera Browser Release History


3.0German 3.2English

Old banner

Old bannerItalian

Old banner Color

Old banner Mono

Old banner Deut

Opera3.6small Opera40smallanimation Opera3.6gersmall




Opera3.6 Deutsche

Opera3.6 France

Opera3.6 Espania

Ver. 4 時代のバナー



Ver. 5 時代のバナー

Opera50static Opera50small new browser Opera50small operalinux

Supersonic speed

Free fast Love

Love at first site

Opera fastest Opera5win Operalinux Opera5linux


Free as in Beer

Free Download Now Free Fast and Secure Download Opera Linux

Ver. 6 時代のバナー

Get Opera 2 Opera 6.0 for Windows Free Download Now Free Download Now

Opera 6.04 Buy Opera 2 Opera 6.05

Simply the Best Internet Experience

Download it today

Best Internet Experience Mac

Opera6 for Mac large

Opera6 for Mac mediumDownload MAC Opera Opera6 for Mac small 1st mac opera

Get Opera 1 Buy Opera 1 Get Opera Buy Opera

Get Opera

Buy Opera

Linux Opera Beta Download Linux Opera Technical Preview Beta 6 Final

Best Internet Experience Linux

Linux Final

Opera for Linux Another for Linux Linuxweek

Some Exotic LOGOs

Thai Opera at Lycos opera start page at Japanese Opera top page at Japanese Infoseek opera start page

Japanese Package Japanese sale

Japanese sale2

anniversary Opera612 for Linux Japanese Opera Italian Opera

OperamailLarge Operamail

Japanese Opera buy

Multi license

Opera 7

Presto 1 Presto 2 Presto 3

medium large small

Opera7Finalmedium Opera7Finallarge

New banner1 New banner2 New banner3 red forum green forum green forum

bork, bork, bork Opera rocks Opera star New Opera red circle

Simply the best silver01 silver02 silver03 Micro7 operabutton link opera split image opera flip image

Opera7 Windows

Opera7 Mac

Opera7 linux




Download Opera

Download Opera for Windows

Download Opera for Mac

Download Opera for Linux

Download Opera for FreeBSD

Phones P800 Nokia

7650 3650 Simply the best

Linux Opera1 Linux Opera2 Fastest browser on earth The best internet Animation Opera

Opera Open the Web

operabutton blue operabutton blue-pattern operabutton green operabutton grey

small_banner-a small_banner small_banner-b

120x60-0 120x60-1 120x60-2

Opera_Show_Big opera_show_small

7.50 start page 7.50 slot

more than just large

more than just small more than just extra small mobile samll Spiderman

mobile large

OS/2 -2 OS/2 -1

Opera 8

Opera8 small 1 Opera8 small2 Opera8 med1 Opera8 med2

Opera8 medium 1 Opera8 medium 2 Opera8 medium 3

Opera8 medium 4 Opera8 medium 5 Opera8 medium 6

Opera8 medium 7 Opera8 medium 8


mobile3 mobile2

InnovationGIF BrowserPNG CompanyBluePNG

CompanyRedGIF CompanyBlueGIF FasterRedPNG FasterBluePNG

InnovationRedPNG InnovationBluePNG NewwayRedPNG NewwayBluePNG

SecureRedPNG SecureBluePNG TrustedRedPNG TrustedBluePNG

BrowserGreyPNG InnovationGreyGIF CompanyGrayPNG


Opera 9

Opera9 1 Opera9 2 Opera9 4 Opera9 3 Opera9 4

Opera9 redgif Opera9 black Opera9 new1 Opera9 new2 Opera9 new3

marcus marcus2 glenn all

ellen candy monica Opera9 6

Opera9 4 Opera9 3 Opera9 4

Opera9 5

Opera9 4 Opera9 6

Opera9 3 Opera9 3

Opera9 3 Opera9 3 Opera91-5 Opera91-4

Opera91-1 Opera91-2 Opera91-3

Opera92-1 Opera92-2 Opera92-3 Opera92-4






Opera Mini

OperaMini OperaMini2 OperaMiniAnime mini-2a

See this page in Mini OperaMini new1 Optimized in Mini Cool in Mini Preview in Mini




mini4 mini5 Opera Mini 3.0-1 mini-2e

Opera Mini 3.0-2 mini-2d

Opera Mini 3.0-3

Opera Mini 3.0-4


Free Mini Free Mini2 Free Mini3 Free Mini4

Free Mini5

Opera for NintendoDS

Opera DS logo

Opera DS 1

Opera DS 2

DS Surgeon

Opera DS 3 Opera DS 4 Opera DS 5

OperaMini 4 Beta

Dimension 1 Dimension 3

Dimension 4 Dimension 5

Dimension 6

Rev1 Rev2



OperaMini 4

Mini 4 -1 Mini 4 -2 Mini 4 -3

Mini 4 -4

Mini 4 -5

Mini 4 -6

My Opera

My Opera 1 My Opera 2